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Medical cases can be complex and confusing.  There can be issues present that someone that has not” been there and done that” could easily miss or not even know to look for.  This is where Carol Alvin and her 31+ years of extensive critical care experience comes into play.  Carol is very detailed oriented and will find every piece of the puzzle in your case.  Her set up and software lends itself to time efficient management of resources and the production of professional quality reports.

Carol will explain the details of the medical issues to you so that you can make them clear to a jury.  Carol keeps up with all current medical and FDA issues through education, conferences, networking, and extensive reading.  Call her today to put your case in her capable hands.

How Can We Help You?

  • Utilization of the CaseMap Suite of Products for review of the record
    • Provide in-depth chronologies and timelines after the review of the recore
  • Assess for compliance with standards of care
  • Correlate the care in a case with the hospital policies, procedures, and protocols of the institution
  • Assess for duty, breach of duty, causation and damages
  • Give opinions after reviewing the medical record
  • Identify missing records and screen for tampering
  • Research applicable federal, state, and medical standards of care, policies, practices, and protocols
  • Deposition preparation and review of depostion transcripts
  • Perform research on medical devices and drugs
  • Locate expert witnesses for your case

Alvin & Associates utilizes Sharefile for sending and receiving documents.  Sharefile is HIPPA compliant and is capable of handling large files.

Providing the medical edge for attorneys in medically related cases