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There are more than 750,000 cases of sepsis each year in the United States.  The mortality rate of sepsis is 20% and economic cost of sepsis is $17 billion a year.  The incidence of sepsis is projected to increase by 1.5% a year.  Although the prognosis of sepsis has improved the death rate will increase […]

Brain Dysfunction in Sepsis

Delirium is one of the symptoms of sepsis.  The brain has an important role in sepsis.  One of the ways is as a target for the pathologic processes involved in sepsis.  Sepsis causes brain dysfunction, or sepsis-associated  (SAE).  Delirium is a major component of SAE.  It is associated with a change in cognition or perceptual […]

What are the True Objective Diagnostic Findings to Support Whiplash?

The differences between subjective and objective findings are clear and necessary when sorting out the pertinent aspects of a case. The definition of Subjective per Medline Plus:  “1 a: relating to or determined by the mind as the subject of experience <subjective reality> b: characteristic of or belonging to reality as perceived rather than as […]