A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


I have had the opportunity recently to review two cases involving significant injuries stemming from an IV infiltration.  Both of these cases involved medications infusing peripherally that if at all possible should have been infusing via central access.  The documentation with both of these cases was also very confusing.  Some infusions did not have the site of infusion documented; IV numbering changed from ER to ICU; and some IV sites simply disappeared from the charting without documentation regarding discontinuation.  I have found with a case like this that a diagram of the lines and infusions/medications running present a better understanding of the events than the written word.  In one of the cases I was able to determine that the infiltration was from a different medication than had been assumed by the healthcare providers at the time.

It is important when reviewing a case such as this to be able to access a source for determining IV compatibility and standards of care regarding appropriate infusion sites for certain medications.

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