Nursing Negligence

Medical and Nursing MalpracticeDoes your firm handle nursing negligence cases?  Carol has a passion for these cases.  Nobody wants to think that a nurse could be negligent.  Unfortunately nurses do have occurrences of negligence whether it be from being overworked, short-staffed, put in a position where they have a patient that they were not trained for that high of acuity or type of patient.  Carol will be able to ask for the correct hospital paper work to assess these kind of situations.

But then you have the nurse that is negligent because she actively does something such as gives a med that was not ordered because she panics as a patients’ blood pressure is dropping or skyrocketing (Carol has seen this happen so she knows what to look for in the vital signs and the medication record—-this just happened in a case she was reviewing).  The nurse that follows a doctors order even though the order is not correct (in Ohio the Standard of Care is that if a doctors order would do harm to a patient then the order is not to be followed) is negligent.  Nurses rewriting documentation such as code sheets (Carol will be able to detect tampering with the chart).  Carol’s 31+ years at the bedside affords her the experience to be able to “know” where there has been negligence and find it.

Carol will give you a QUALITY REVIEW of your Nursing Negligence CASE