· Failure To Rescue

“It’s Before Code Blue”

Failure to rescue is when caregivers do not pick up on the subtle changes that precede the “Code Blue”.  Fresh post-op patients and patients receiving pain medications are at highest risk for failure to rescue or for subtle changes to be missed.  The post-op patient has the added benefit of also having pain medications added to the mix.  It really is about your basic airway, breathing, and circulation (bleeding).   Missing subtle changes in these patients can mean the difference between life and death 

“Code Blue”.


Carol at Alvin & Associates can help you review your case to assess whether these subtle changes have been missed.  She has been there and picked up on these changes with her own patients and unfortunately seen others miss these subtle changes in other patients.

Carol will help you determine if the staffing ratios were appropriate, if the experience of the nurse caring for the patient was adequate, and will give you an honest assessment of the case.


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  1. Juanita Miller

    Loved this article even though I do not work in the hospital setting anymore. Do you ever get hospice cases? Would love to read about these experiences/cases.

  2. Laurie Wood, RN, CLNC

    As nurses, we learn to develop a gut sense of when things are not quite right with our patient. I have learned over the years to always listen to my gut…that inner voice that’s telling you right from wrong. Trust your guts fellow co-workers…and always go with it and act on it! Your patient and their families will thank you!

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